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Welcome to Great Tit & Grey Pussy 


The album, released in Feb. 2009,  covers different aspects of my life: Pumping iron, being tough, cat philosophy, car cruising, making fun of 'artists', working in Africa, having mixed feelings about (American & Danish) women...listen to the lyrics...and download them.


Musically the songs are bluesy rock and I sing, play guitar, harp and some electric bass. The backing drums, organ, piano etc are from various anonymous but legal sources. A large collection of vintage guitars, amps and effects were used (Strats, Les Pauls, Martin Backpacker, Traveler Speedster, Dunlop Wah, Marshalls, Mesa Boogies, Supros, Soldanos, Blackfaces, Tweeds). Some were hardware, some were modelled - you can never spot the difference.


Certain guitar solos may be a bit daring, but mostly the music is enjoyable for your dining & dancing & friday nite cruisin'.


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