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 Just listen and download the lyrics - it is up to you to decide. If you like what I do, buy the songs - if you do  not - perhaps we can come to an agreement.


Besides the February 2009 release album ('Great Tit & Grey Pussy', the pussy's name is Spirou) there is 'Green Fools (Grüne Kameraden)' with a guitar solo with some chromatic stuff (Green Fools). The lyrics are reflections of what real men think - a man can take some radiation without complaining.



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Great Tit & Grey Pussy


Lyrics from: Subsidize Placebos (Idiot Song)


Noone understands me / my music does not sell

give me welfare money / or you can go to hell


I'm a self-claimed artist / and my music is kinda loud

Give me all I long for / take it from the common crowd

 Subsidize placebos / distribute all wealth

eat organic products / take care of your health


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